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Are you trying to find a method to get away from the busy city life? Do you yearn for an outdoor experience that will help you unwind and relax? The ideal remedy is paddling down the Charles River in a watercraft. It offers a chance to explore nature and get some exercise in addition to offering a serene, beautiful experience. Kayaking on the Charles River is likely to be an outstanding experience due to its tranquil waters and breathtaking sights. Additionally, it's simple to locate the ideal boat for your needs with the variety of rental alternatives accessible. Boating on the Charles River is a fun and distinctive way to enjoy the outdoors, so look no further! To find out more about this fascinating hobby, keep reading.


Kayaking the Charles River is a great way to explore the beauty of Boston's natural landscape.

  • The Charles River offers stunning views of the city skyline.
  • It is home to a variety of wildlife, including swans, ducks, and turtles.
  • You can rent watercrafts from local vendors for an affordable price.

Experience the beauty of Boston's natural landscape by boating down the Charles River!

Do you like to spend time outdoors?

Do you love being on the water and enjoy water travel?

Are you planning to be somewhere around Boston and would like to go on a water trip there?

If you are near Boston or are planning a trip soon, and if you also happen to love spending some time out on the water, then this is one article you should try and read till the end. Because here, we are sharing details about one such company that can help you do just thatspend some fun quality time when you are in Boston.

In this article, we will share with you details of the Charles River Canoe and Watercraft company, that can help you go out there in safety and style. From watercrafts to canoes to paddleboards and more, they are the ones to take care of all your needs. Scroll down and find out their contact details, as well as more information about these choices and services they offer, and how you can book a trip with them.

Services/products at Charles River Canoe and Boat

Here are some of the services and products that you can avail of when you get in touch with the Charles River Canoe and Paddlecraft.

Guided tours and trips

  • Shuttled river trips in Somerville
  • Skyline and sunset tours from Kendall Square
  • Boston harbour tours from Kendall Square
  • Barbeque watercraft tours from Kendall Square
  • Sea kayaking tours
  • Eco tours from Nahanton Park
  • Moonlight canoe tours in Waltham
  • Custom tours and events

Group and corporate outings

  • Corporate events  
  • Parties
  • Birthday parties
  • Team building events
  • Adult and kid events
  • Fun races

Rental services

Rental services are available at 7 different locations in the Greater Boston area.

When and where was it launched?

The Charles River Canoe and Boat was launched in the year 1973.

  • When it was launched, it was known as the Charles River Canoe Service.
  • It is now known as the Charles River Canoe and Paddlecraft, and also as Paddle Boston.
  • It was started in the basement of the MDC Norumbega Police Substation in Newton.

Where can you find them, both online and in the real world?

If you want to get in touch with them and find out more about the tours you can book through them, here are the different contact details you can use:

Website: https://paddleboston.com/
Call: (617) – 965 – 5110
Physical address: Paddle Boston, 160 Riverview Avenue, Waltham, MA 02453
Social media: YouTube FaceBook Instagram Twitter

Contact form: You can fill up the contact form here and leave your details and queries: https://paddleboston.com/contact-directions/

The company has businesses in the following locations. You can click here to get directions to each location individually:

  • Boston: Allston/Brighton
  • Cambridge: Kendall Square
  • Medford: Condon Shell
  • Newton: Historic Boathouse
  • Newton: Nahanton Park
  • Somerville: Blessing of the Bay
  • Waltham: Moody Street Dam

Products and services you need to book a tour with them:

If you are planning to take a charles river watercraft trip, here are some of the features and information that can help you book the right trip for you.

Can transfers/land transportation be arranged through this company?

Yes, the company does arrange various types of transportation and transfers depending on the type of trip or tour you have booked with them. You can get in touch with someone from the company to know more.

Are experienced guides available for tours?

The company does arrange a lot of guided tours. You can also check about the availability of experienced guides separately, if you are not taking a guided tour.

What equipment/gear are available for rent?

Here are the different types of equipment or gear you can get on rent from the company:

  • Different types of boats for adults and kids
  • Different types of stand-up paddleboards
  • Different types of canoes
  • Rowboat

Things to remember before renting:

  • All their gear and equipment are available on a first come first serve basis.
  • You can only do a reservation for the same for groups that are renting 8 or more boards or boats.
  • You have to be at least 18 years or more to be able to rent a boat from them.

For how much can you rent these?

The company offers its rental services at a competitive price $$$. All their rentals include paddles and life jackets for each person.

Is it possible to customize packages and are group rates available?

The company provides discount options and customizable packages for groups. Please get in touch with their staff to know more about these special rates.

Other add-ons:

In addition to providing the various services, the company also offers some add-ons that will make your trip extra convenient and memorable.

  • All their locations offer picnic and catering services. You can speak to them in advance at the time of booking to find out more.
  • Guides or instructors to assist in various outing or party settings.
  • Kid-friendly gear and equipment.
  • Snacks and meals.

What people are saying about Charles River Canoe and Boat

5 good things

  1. Perfect locations to choose from
  2. A host of services and products to choose from
  3. Competitive  prices
  4. Suitable for all age groups
  5. Lots of add-on services available with package

5 areas for improvement

  1. Staff needs to be more attentive
  2. Not the best customer service experience  
  3. Extremely crowded during weekends
  4. Not the best for first time kayakers
  5. Could be more differently-abled friendly  

Do we recommend this company to you?

If you are in the Boston area or are planning to visit there, we would definitely recommend Charles River Canoe and Paddlecraft to you.

  • The company has been around for a long time and has seasoned staff.
  • They have a wide range of products and services to choose from.
  • They are a perfect fit for all types of customers, including single customers, families, kids or senior citizens, corporates and groups.
  • They are based out of multiple locations.
  • They take care of all your needs in addition to just arranging a tour or renting out gear.

What kind of tourist/customer is perfect for what this company has to offer?

If you are interested in any of the following, whether it is just for yourself, for you and your family, for you and your friends, or a small or large group, you will be the perfect customer or tourist for all the things and services the company has to offer.

  • As long as you are someone who likes to go outdoors and spend time on the water, you will enjoy the different services they have on offer.
  • If you just want to hire some boats or canoe/watercraft, you can do the same and head out on your own getaway.
  • You can also have a unique birthday party experience with this company.
  • If you are looking to take your employees out on a team building experience with a difference, you will be a right match for what they have to offer.

In addition to all the information that we have shared here, make sure to speak to the staff to clear out all your queries and concerns. Also, please check about specific rates depending on how many people are there in your group.   



5 Essential Tips for Kayaking the Charles River

  1. Bring a life jacket and other safety equipment. The Charles River is a large body of water, so it's important to be prepared for any situation.
  2. Check the weather before you go. Windy days can make boating more difficult, so it's best to plan your trip on a calm day.
  3. Be aware of your surroundings. There are many boats and other vessels that use the river, so it's important to stay alert and keep an eye out for them.
  4. Pack plenty of snacks and drinks. You'll need energy to paddle all day, so make sure you have enough food and water with you.
  5. Have fun! Kayaking is a great way to explore the Charles River and enjoy some time outdoors.

ALSO: Bring along a waterproof camera or phone case to capture some amazing photos while boating!

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