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Genuine Crystal Kayak by The Crystal Kayak Company | Clear...
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Genuine Crystal Kayak by The Crystal Kayak Company | Clear...
  • 🌴 QUALITY - Here at Crystal Kayak Company we pride ourselves on using only the best Commercial Grade materials...
  • 🌴 ONE OF A KIND - No one makes a transparent, crystal clear kayak like we do! We have spent years of research...
  • 🌴 VERSATILITY - Our Single/Tandem Kayak for Adults and Kids are a Kayak/Canoe Hybrid. This one of a kind design...

Are you planning to buy a new kayak?

Would you like to try out something that’s different from all the other kayaks out there?

Want something that is great on functionality, and will also blow you away with its design?

If you are ready to go into the waters in a kayak that won’t just hold on well and steady, but will also turn heads with its unique design, then a clear kayak is something you should definitely check out. Never seen one yet or not sure whether it will work for you? Then you can scroll down right now and check all the details, right here in this article.

Here we are sharing detailed reviews including all the features of the clear kayak, as well as its price range, pros and cons as shared by customers, as well as some of the really good things and some things that could be improved about it. So without waiting anymore, read on to see if this could be your next purchase.

What is a clear kayak?

A clear kayak is a type of kayak in which the hull is made out of a transparent material that lets you look down into the water to get a clear and uninterrupted view.


What makes them different from traditional kayaks?

These are different from traditional kayaks because of the way the flooring is made.

  • When you sit in a traditional kayak, you will notice that these have regular floors that are opaque and don’t allow you to see underneath at the water below.
  • When you sit in a clear kayak, you will notice that these have a transparent floor where you can directly see the water under the boat.
  • Also, because of the material that they are made out of, clear kayaks are usually quite lightweight, even lighter than regular kayaks, while they are as sturdy and long-lasting as any.

What are clear kayaks made of?

Clear kayaks are usually made out of molded Lexan.

  • This is a type of polycarbonate that is especially known to be quite sturdy and very tough.
  • The Lexan material is also used because it is quite tough and is one of those types of plastic material that is especially durable and long-lasting.

Are they as sturdy as typical kayaks?

Yes, due to the fact that their main material at the bottom is Lexan, they are really tough and durable do not require any extra or special care to maintain their clarity and prevent cracks.

Are any good clear/transparent kayaks available on Amazon?

Detailed review of the Crystal Kayak that you can buy on Amazon

Check out this detailed review of a clear kayak that you can easily buy from Amazon.

Crystal Kayak Crystal Explorer – Transparent Kayak/Canoe by The Company

Genuine Crystal Kayak by The Crystal Kayak Company | Clear...

The Crystal Kayak Crystal Explorer  comes with a 2 year warranty from the manufacturer. This choice has a comfortable 1 or 2 person design, which means that you can use it as per your convenience, depending on how many people want to use it. All you have to do is unclip a seat to make it a 1 person arrangement. This option has a removable frame and seats. The inflatable chamber lets you stack things easily as well as makes it easier for storage and transportation purposes. The kayak comes with a set of 2 seats as well as 2 paddles.

This kayak is entirely crystal clear which means that you can easily see the water just below you. It is very lightweight but yet has a very durable construction. The kayak is especially constructed in such a way that it can withstand any conditions on the water. You can easily take it on entirely flat water as well as breezy or even choppy water, without worrying about toppling over or any other safety threat.

The dimensions are length 11 ft X 1 in, width 33.5 in. Depth is 11 in. Weighs 48 lbs. Maximum capacity is 425 lbs. This offer seats 1 to 2 children or adults.  The hull material is 6mm thick, made of 100 percent virgin Spanish Imported GE Lexan. The UV protection of 40 micron double UV layer will prevent discolouration of the kayak. The frame is made of T6 6061 Anodized Aluminium.      

Once you order it online on Amazon, the manufacturers will ship it to you via freight. In case you have any questions about your product or about delivery, or anything else, you can speak to them on 1-888-415-9692.


Here are some of the specific features of this offer that make it unique from similar competitor items:

The advanced polymer hull and the hardware of this clear kayak are specifically resistant to corrosion. Each kayak hull has been designed with computerized technique and then has been assembled by highly trained technicians. High quality GE Lexan 6mm sheets have been placed in a vacuum mould to create a perfect form to give you the best performance and stability on water.

What We Liked:

Definitely the glass-like clear floor of the kayak seems to be the best feature of the clear kayak.

  • The kayak has an overall great functionality and moves really well on water.
  • While all customers love that, the one thing they love the most is the clear bottom that lets them have an uninterrupted view of the water life below.

What Could be Improved:

It is true that most customers who bought this clear kayak love the way it looks and feels, and also its overall functionality. However, while everything about this kayak is definitely great, there is something that could be added to this choice to make it even better than it already is.

  • One of the customers feels that one of the things that the company could look into is to have a wedge for dynamics.
  • This would greatly improve the way the kayak functions overall, along with the rudder that it already has.  


  • Thicker and stronger hull
  • Very lightweight
  • Easy for single person to carry
  • Tons of storage
  • Very comfortable to sit
  • Highly stylish
  • Clear and visible flooring
  • Amazing customer service
  • No scratches on bottom
  • Easy to clean
  • Customizable passenger option
  • Rudder to help track and keep on straight path


  • Not the best in high waves

When and where would you use a transparent kayak?

Planning to buy a clear kayak? Here are a few places/fun scenarios where you can definitely use these for extra fun, along with the regular kayak features:

  • On a fun day out on the water with friends
  • At a kayaking or holiday resort
  • For water sports
  • At your vacation home
  • On a fun and exploratory trip with kids
  • On a date!

Now that you have read up about this really beautiful clear kayak that is sure to turn heads everywhere you take it out, all you need to decide is whether you want to buy it immediately or want to check out a few more products from the same brand.

Also, when you are on water, wear your life jacket at all times to ensure that you are safe and to prevent any accidents. Be safe and have lots of fun.

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