Kayak Gloves

Are you a devoted kayaker looking for a means to shield the elements from your hands while yet keeping a firm hold on your paddle? Do you want to be able to spend time on the water without being concerned about getting cuts, blisters, or scrapes? The ideal option for any kayaker wishing to paddle comfortably and safely is a pair of kayak gloves. They shield you from the sun, wind, and water, and they also make you feel less worn out and increase your grip. Rowing gloves are a necessary piece of equipment for every professional kayaker due to their lightweight design and breathable material. No matter how long or hard you paddle, your hands will be protected because to their exceptional flexibility and durability. So continue reading to discover more if you're eager to advance your kayaking skills.


Kayak gloves are essential for any paddler looking to stay safe and comfortable on the water.

  • They provide protection from blisters, abrasions, and sunburns.
  • They also help keep hands warm in cold weather.
  • High-quality paddle gloves are designed to be durable and flexible.

Investing in a good pair of paddle gloves can make your time on the water more enjoyable!

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What are kayaking gloves?

Why might you need a pair of gloves for kayaking?

Can they really make your experience better in some way?

Kayaking gloves are any type of glove that’s designed for use when kayaking. They usually feature ¾ fingers, but may not always have this quality; they are always made of water-resistant materials and built to keep water from pooling inside of them as much as possible.

These gloves are also intended to make it easier to grip the paddle of your kayak over longer periods of time without causing your hands and fingers to blister.

They can even give you more traction when holding your paddle so you don’t risk dropping or losing it, too.

Many paddlers use kayaking gloves for a variety of different reasons. Some of the reasons you might choose to use these gloves include:

  • If you’re a beginner kayaker and are prone to dropping your paddle, you may want gloves.
  • If you have sore hands, weak wrists, or sensitive skin, gloves may help protect you during your kayaking journeys.
  • If you kayak in very cold water and don’t want to make your hands even colder than they already will be, you may need gloves for kayaking.
  • If you kayak for long periods of time without taking many breaks, you may need gloves to keep your hands going strong throughout the experience.

Picking the right pair of kayaking gloves may take a little thought and consideration. However, as long as you choose gloves in the style you like and in the size that fits you, you’re likely to be happy with the results.

Check out our list of kayak gloves below to find the right pair for you. Take your time looking through the options and narrow down the choices to bring home some gloves that will be a part of your kayaking adventure for a long time to come.

Option #1. FitsT4 Sailing Gloves for Kayaking

FitsT4 Sailing Gloves 3/4 Finger and Grip Great for Sailing,...

The FitsT4 Sailing Glove for Kayaking  are designed to work for both women and men. These gloves have ¾ fingers and are available in three different sizes to help find the right fit. They include reinforced grip areas on the palm and forefinger as well as plenty of space to move while you’re paddling.


  • These gloves include wrist support to protect your wrists while you paddle.
  • The gloves come in black, red, or blue, and can also be found in full-finger styles.


  • The gloves may cause your hands to overheat when used in very hot climates.
  • The material may be too thick to be used for some water activities.

Option #2. Hyperflex ¾ Finger Gloves

Hyperflex 3/4 Fingerless Gloves – Helps Protect Hands - Kayak...

Bring home a pair of these Hyperflex ¾ Finger Gloves  to help you stay protected and comfortable for all your outdoor activities. These gloves come in six different sizes so everyone can find the right fit, and they feature a Velcro wrist closure to make that fit even more snug and secure.


  • These gloves feature cushioning to help prevent blisters.
  • The gloves have some stretch to allow for more range of motion, but they don’t slip off your hand while wearing them.


  • The sizing is too small on these gloves.
  • The fabric may be too thin for some colder weather kayaking.

Option #3. Twin Shells Sailing Gloves for Kayaking

Twinshells Sailing Gloves 3/4 Finger - Great for Sailing,...

Available in six different sizes, the Twin Shells Sailing Gloves for Kayaking  are designed to fit both men and women based on the sizing chart measurements provided by the seller. These gloves feature ¾ sleeves and plenty of grip and traction to make paddling even easier and more comfortable than ever before.


  • The gloves include double stitched and reinforced seams to help them hold up as long as possible.
  • The wrist includes a Velcro closure for a snug fit.


  • The material may be stiff on arrival and may need to be worn in.
  • Some customers report the gloves causing palm blisters.

Option #4. Hornet Watersports Rowing Gloves for Women

Light Pink Rowing Gloves for Women by Hornet Watersports - Ideal...

With the Hornet Watersports Rowing Gloves for Women , you can find gloves that are perfect for those with smaller hand sizes. Available in four sizes, these gloves come in a pink and black color combination and feature an anti-slip grip on the inside as well as an all-over ¾ finger style that allows plenty of motion.


  • The gloves are easy to wash by just putting them in the washing machine.
  • These gloves are ideal for use in many different sports and activities.


  • Some customers report the thumb hole causing blisters on these gloves.
  • The material is thinner on these gloves than it is on some others listed here.

Option #5. Navis Marine Sailing Gloves for Men

Sailing Gloves for Men Women Rowing Boating Fishing Kayaking All...

Consider these Navis Marine Sailing Gloves for Men  if you’re looking for gloves that fully cover some of your fingers. The gloves feature a ¾ size thumb and forefinger and full sizes on the other three fingers, as well as a complete wrist coverage for maximum protection.


  • These gloves come in five different sizes and in five different colors.
  • The back of the gloves offers UV50+ sun protection.


  • Some customers report the gloves flaking badly after just a few uses.
  • The sizing is very off on these gloves, so take time to measure your hand before ordering.


Now that you’ve had a chance to see some of the best kayak gloves on the market, it’s time to pick the ones you like most! Take your time and think about the different options you’ve seen here today. These gloves all offer their own strengths and weaknesses, so it may be a good idea to consider the features and qualities you want to look for the most in your kayaking gloves before you continue.

But what if you aren’t sure what to look for? What if you’ve never bought kayak gloves before and you don’t really know where to start? Here are a few features to prioritize when picking your gloves for kayaking:

  • Fit: Of course, it’s most important to find a pair of gloves that fits you the way you need it to. Take special care to measure your hands if a sizing chart is available, and if not, be sure to read reviews to find out whether or not the fit is true to the size.
  • Material: There are some different types of material used in kayaking gloves. Based on the type of water where you usually kayak, you may need to choose one material or thickness over another, particularly if you kayak in cold water.
  • Purpose and use: Are you looking for gloves for short, quick trips or longer stretches? Do you need multi-purpose gloves or those just meant for kayaking? Are you looking for gloves that give you more grip traction, or just gloves that will make it easier to prevent blisters? The purpose and use of your gloves may help you decide.

In the end, it’s entirely up to you to choose the gloves you think will work best for your needs. If you find yourself struggling to make the right decision, consider checking out some kayak gloves in person at a sporting goods store, then narrowing down your online shopping based on the information you see there.

5 Essential Tips for Choosing the Right Paddling Gloves

  1. Choose gloves that are made of a breathable material, such as neoprene or spandex, to keep your hands cool and dry.
  2. Look for gloves with reinforced palms and fingers to provide extra protection against wear and tear.
  3. Make sure the gloves fit snugly but not too tight. You want them to be comfortable while still providing enough grip on the paddle.
  4. Choose gloves with adjustable wrist straps so you can customize the fit for maximum comfort.
  5. Look for gloves that are designed specifically for kayaking, as they will provide better protection and grip than generic sports gloves.

ALSO: Consider investing in a pair of waterproof paddle gloves if you plan on paddling in cold or wet conditions!

Helpful Information For Readers

These kayak supplies are vital items for any kayaker. They protect you from the weather, improve your grip on your paddle, and can even help avoid blisters. These paddling goods are made from various materials like as neoprene, leather, and synthetic fibers. The most common material is neoprene, which provides good insulation and flexibility while yet letting your hands to breathe. Leather gloves have a better grip but are not as comfortable or breathable as neoprene gloves. Although synthetic textiles are lightweight and long-lasting, they may not give the same amount of insulation or traction as traditional materials. Consider weather conditions, paddling style, and personal choice when selecting these goods to ensure you receive the greatest fit for your needs. You'll be able to have a safe and pleasant paddling experience every time you use the proper pair of these paddling items!

Usage And Application: How Can They Be Used?

There are three main ways to use these gloves. First, they give you a better grip and more protection when paddling. The material is made to be both strong and flexible. This lets you keep a good hold on your paddle and keeps your hands from getting blisters or cuts. Second, when it's cold, they can help keep your hands warm. This is especially important if you're going to be out on the water for a long time, as it can help keep you from getting too cold. Last but not least, these gloves are great for fishing because they protect your hands from sharp hooks and other dangers that come with handling fish. These kayak products are a must-have for any serious paddler because they are comfortable, keep you safe, and keep you warm.

The Drawbacks: What To Know

Despite the numerous advantages of these kayaker products, there are a few disadvantages to keep in mind. First off, they might not fit into everyone's budget because they can be pretty pricey. They can also be challenging to put on and take off because of how tightly they fit. For people who struggle with dexterity or have bigger hands, this might be extremely tough. The best way to deal with these drawbacks is to spend money on high-quality gloves made to fit your individual requirements. For instance, if your hands are bigger, search for gloves with more space in the fingers and palm. Choose gloves with velcro or adjustable strap closures rather than laces or buckles if you have dexterity problems. Additionally, try on several pairs before making a purchase to be sure they are the right size and have a comfortable fit.

What Qualifications Should Be Considered When Measuring Them?

The most crucial quantitative measurements for evaluating these kayaking equipment are breathability, comfort, durability, and grip. The way the gloves fit and how they feel when worn for long periods of time are what determine comfort. How long the gloves survive before needing to be changed is a measure of durability. The degree to which the gloves maintain traction while it's wet is used to assess the gloves' grip. The final way to assess a material's breathability is by how well air flows through it while it is being used to keep hands dry and cool. When deciding which of these kayak goods is appropriate for a specific circumstance, all of these variables should be taken into consideration.

Usage Experience: What To Know

These are necessary pieces of equipment for any kayaker. They provide weather protection, keep hands warm and dry, and can even improve paddle grip. These kayaking accessories are made of many materials, including neoprene, leather, and synthetic fibers. The most preferred material is neoprene, which provides good insulation while still allowing for flexibility and dexterity. Leather gloves are more durable, although they may be too stiff for some paddlers. Despite being lightweight and breathable, synthetic textiles may not provide appropriate warmth or protection in cold weather. Consider your environment and paddling style while selecting these kayaker products to guarantee you receive the greatest fit for your needs. Look for features like adjustable cuffs and reinforced palms that will provide you with more comfort and safety while out on the water.

Here are the general instructions for using these gloves: Make sure your gloves are the appropriate size and type for your needs first. For various styles of paddling and weather circumstances, there are many gloves. Before using the gloves, please read the instructions. Third, put the gloves on and make sure they are a snug yet comfortable fit. Fourth, make sure that no water may enter via any seams and that all of them are sealed. Fifth, make sure your grasp is firm and comfortable by testing it on the paddle. Finally, take advantage of your new kayaking gear to paddle more comfortably! You may use these kayaking equipment to enhance your performance while on the water by keeping these easy tips in mind.

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