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Kayaking and canoeing have long been beloved outdoor pastimes, allowing enthusiasts to explore waterways and be one with nature. Traditionally, these activities relied on manual power, using paddles and sheer strength to navigate. But now, with the advent of advanced trolling motors technology, kayakers and canoeists have a whole new level of convenience and ease at their fingertips. With options ranging from electric watercraft motors to gas-powered outboard motors, there's a motorized solution for every paddling need. Today, we'll explore how these engine motors have transformed the world of boating and canoeing, making it easier than ever to hit the water with ease and enjoy the ride.


Watercraft motors are an effective way to increase the speed and range of your boat.

  • They provide a reliable source of power, allowing you to travel further distances with ease.
  • They are lightweight and easy to install, making them ideal for those who want to get out on the water quickly.
  • They are also relatively affordable, making them a great option for those looking to upgrade their boating experience.

With a propeller, you can explore new waters and take your kayaking adventures to the next level!

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Is it really possible to find a trolling motor for boat use?

Can you use any motor for paddlecraft purposes, or do you need to buy a specific one?

What kinds of motors should you look for if you plan to install one on a watercraft?

It is possible, although it may not always be practical, to use a motor with your boat. Some types of watercrafts come pre-installed with a mounting area intended for motors, while others will need to be adjusted and altered in order to be used with a motor.

Boats can be used with a type of motor called a trolling motor. These are low-speed motors that make it easier to move the paddlecraft through the water in a precise way. For the most part, these motors are intended for fishing purposes. However, anyone can use them.

Here are a few more facts to keep in mind about watercraft motors:

  • Paddlecraft motors aren’t intended to go fast. If you want a fast watercraft, a watercraft may not be for you!
  • These motors can add some weight to your boat and make it harder to paddle when the motor is turned off. Keep this in mind when you’re planning to use your paddlecraft in more than one way.
  • Putting a motor on your watercraft will require you, legally, to register your boat in many states. Be sure to check local laws and find out for sure whether or not you need to do this where you live, before you take your boat back out on the water.
  • If you have never installed a paddlecraft motor before, you may need to pay a professional to do this, as it can be risky and may damage your boat.

In this article, we’ll show you some watercraft trolling motor options to help you find the right fit for your watercraft. Check out the boat motors below to learn more.

Option #1. Watersnake ASP Salt Water Transom Mount Trolling Motor

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Bring home the [amazon link=”B007NVNPM4″ title=”Watersnake ASP Salt Water Transom Mount Trolling Motor” /] if you need something lightweight and easy to use right out of the box. This motor is a great choice for a lower budget, and although it doesn’t have a lot of built in bells and whistles, it’s got everything you need to get started using it right away. This motor is designed for use with saltwater, but it can also be safely used in freshwater and brackish water environments without causing damage to the inner workings or the outer appearance, either. This is a great starter motor and it can help improve your fishing game regardless of your skill level.


  • This motor provides 24 pounds of thrust, so although it’s not one of the fastest or most powerful on the market, it’s got plenty of power to get you moving.
  • The motor itself weighs only 6.7 pounds, so it won’t add too much additional weight to your paddlecraft.


  • This choice is flimsier overall than some of the more expensive options on the market, although many customers report it lasting some years without too much trouble.
  • Some customers have had trouble with the reverse or high gears going out on this motor before anything else on it does.

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Option #2. Newport Vessels NV-Series Saltwater Transom Mounted Trolling Motor

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Choose the [amazon link=”B00EYST1L8″ title=”Newport Vessels NV-Series Saltwater Transom Mounted Trolling Motor” /] if you’re looking for a very quiet trolling motor that won’t scare away the fish when you use it with your angling watercraft. This 30-inch motor features eight different speeds, giving you plenty of control over how fast or slow you want to go in a given environment. This option includes an adjustable handle so you can steer and move just the way you need to, and all of this combines to ensure you have a safer, more efficient, and more productive fishing trip every time with this motor on board.


  • You can choose between 36 pounds, 46 pounds, 55 pounds, 62 pounds, or 86 pounds when picking the thrust you need from this motor.
  • The motor includes a battery meter to help you stay aware of the battery life of your product.


  • The included mount is made of plastic and likely won’t hold up as long as the motor itself.
  • The paint may wear off on this motor sooner rather than later when used in saltwater.

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Option #3. Goplus Electric Trolling Motor with Adjustable Handle

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With the [amazon link=”B07TRQ517J” title=”Goplus Electric Trolling Motor with Adjustable Handle” /], you’ll be able to enjoy a motor with many different functions all rolled into one convenient item. This motor comes in three different sizes—46 pounds, 55 pounds, and 86 pounds—so you can find the right choice for the boat you own. And with an adjustable handle that can be extended or retracted as needed on the go, you’ll be prepared to navigate all sorts of water situations from the comfort of your paddlecraft.


  • This motor comes with a nylon bracket and fiberglass shaft to help it hold up to plenty of wear and tear.
  • This offer is an eight-speed motor with plenty of options.


  • The motor is louder than some of the others on our list.
  • Batteries are not included with this motor.

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Did you find a watercraft motor that will work for you? There are a few good options out there, and it can take a little time and thinking to figure out which one will work best for your needs. Pay attention to the boat specifications for each motor and be sure you’re choosing one that will work with your existing watercraft for best results.

Here are a few additional tips for using a motor with your watercraft:

  • Avoid injury by operating your motor according to the directions set out by the manufacturer. The motor should be installed a certain way and operated a certain way. Some paddlers modify their motors, but this is not safe.
  • Prevent damage to your boat by making sure to install the motor on the proper motor mount. Work slowly and carefully, and only use mounts and hardware that are meant to be used with the motor. Install the motor far enough away from your paddlecraft so that it doesn’t scrape the hull every time it’s in operation.
  • Prevent damage to your surroundings by shutting off the motor when wildlife is present. Do not operate your watercraft motor in areas where this is illegal or is otherwise against the rules. Rules are there for a reason, and boat motors may cause harm to endangered animals or plants in conservation areas.
  • Turn off the motor any time someone will be swimming near your paddlecraft. Even if you need to put your hand in the water for just a moment, turn off the motor to prevent risk of personal injury.
  • Follow all other posted safety rules for yourself and the environment when using a watercraft motor. Don’t break the rules, and boat safely!

Remember that you don’t have to have a motor on your paddlecraft in order to operate it efficiently and use it in just about any way you might wish. Motors can help in some instances, but they aren’t a requirement, so it’s up to you to decide whether or not this is something you need on your watercraft.

5 Essential Tips for Boating Motors

  1. Choose a motor that is lightweight and easy to install. This will make it easier to transport and use.
  2. Make sure the motor you choose is compatible with your paddlecraft. Different motors have different requirements, so be sure to check before purchasing.
  3. Consider the type of water you will be using the motor in. If you plan on using it in saltwater, make sure the motor is designed for that environment.
  4. Check the power output of the motor. You want to make sure it has enough power to get you where you need to go.
  5. Be aware of any safety regulations or laws regarding engines in your area. Make sure you are following all applicable rules and regulations.

ALSO: Consider investing in a trolling motor mount for your watercraft, as this can help keep your motor secure while paddling!

Additional Helpful Info For Readers

These paddling goods are an excellent way to explore the water in comfort and safety. They offer a powerful and efficient form of propulsion, allowing you to cover more territory in less time. You can easily negotiate shallow waters, small channels, and even wide ocean waves with a boat motor. You'll be able to reach isolated regions that would be impossible to reach by paddling alone. These kayaking goods also have enhanced safety measures, such as automatic shut-off when the boat is not in use or when it hits a predetermined speed limit. They are also quite light and simple to install on most watercrafts. All of these advantages make these boating items an excellent alternative for anybody seeking a fun and trouble-free boating trip!

Ideas for Effective Use: What Can They Be Used For?

There are three primary ways to use these motors. First of all, you can use them to move your paddlecraft faster and further than you could with paddles alone. This is great for people who want to see more in less time or who want to go places they can't reach by paddling alone. Second, they can be used as a backup power source if you get stuck in the middle of a lake or river. This is especially helpful if you are fishing and need to get back to shore quickly. Lastly, they can be used as a backup source of power if your battery dies while you're out on the water. This will give you enough power to get back home safely without worrying about getting stuck in the middle of nowhere. With all of these features, it's easy to see why these products are getting more and more popular among boaters who use them for fun.

Drawbacks: What To Watch Out For

Even while utilizing a watercraft motor has numerous advantages, there are certain negatives to keep in mind. They might be fairly pricey, to start. In addition to the motor, you also need to buy gasoline and other extras like a battery and charger. These products might also be challenging to install and maintain. They must be mounted on your boat properly, and their upkeep calls for specialized equipment and expertise. Fortunately, there are strategies to lessen these drawbacks. For instance, if price is a concern, it could be wise to consider secondhand or rented vehicles rather than brand-new ones. Furthermore, there are a ton of internet sites that offer comprehensive guidance on how to install and maintain your motor appropriately so that you don't run into any problems in the future. Finally, it could be helpful to enroll in a course or locate someone who has knowledge of these paddlecraft items and can assist you with the procedure if necessary.

What Factors Should Be Used To Evaluate Them?

Power, speed, weight, noise level, and battery life are the principal quantitative measurements for assessing these watercraft products. The amount of force the motor can produce is determined by power, which is expressed in horsepower or kilowatts. The rate at which a motor can move a boat through the water is measured in knots. The motor's weight, which is expressed in pounds or kilograms, has an impact on how simple it is to move it from one location to another. The noise level, which is expressed in decibels, represents how loud the motor will be when it is operating. Finally, the amount of time a battery may be used before it needs to be recharged is expressed in hours. For comparing a paddlecraft motor's performance against that of its rivals, each of these parameters is significant.

First-hand Usage Experience: What To Expect

These goods are an excellent method to improve the power and speed of your kayaking experience. They are available in a range of sizes, ranging from small electric trolling motors to bigger gas-powered outboard motors. You can expect speeds of up to 10 mph or more depending on the size and type of motor you choose. When selecting a motor for your watercraft, keep the weight capacity of your boat in mind, as well as the sort of water you'll be paddling in. Electric trolling motors are best for slow-moving rivers and lakes, but gas-powered outboard motors are excellent for broad waters with turbulent waves. Ensure that your motor is appropriately installed on the stern or bow of your boat so that it does not interfere with your paddling stroke. With regular care and maintenance, a paddlecraft motor can give years of dependable service and allow you to easily explore new locations!

The standard procedures for employing these motors are as follows: Make sure your motor is first safely fastened to your watercraft. Next, make sure the motor is adequately greased and that all connections are tight. Third, make sure the fuel tank is completely filled with the right kind of fuel and that it is securely fastened. The engine should then be turned on and the speed adjusted as necessary. Fifth, when using a motorized boat, stay mindful of your surroundings; always keep an eye out for other boats or underwater impediments. Finally, have pleasure in using your powered paddlecraft to discover new regions. You may utilize a motor to simply explore new seas if you keep these easy guidelines in mind.

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