Ocean Kayak Malibu Two

Are you looking for a way to enjoy the open waters with your family and friends? Do you wish to locate a pleasant and secure activity? Are you looking for a watercraft that can hold two people simultaneously? In that case, Ocean Boat's Malibu Two watercrafts are the ideal choice. This paddlecraft is a wonderful opportunity to spend time outside with your loved ones thanks to its comfy seating, adjustable footrests, and lots of storage space. In addition to being simple to control in any kind of water, it also offers stability and safety when you're out on the water. Additionally, its lightweight construction makes it simple to move from one location to another. When all of these features are considered, the Ocean Watercraft Malibu Two Boats provide an excellent way to enjoy nature with your family or friends.


The Malibu Two From Ocean Boat is an ideal paddlecraft for recreational paddlers looking for a stable and comfortable ride.

  • It features a large cockpit opening, adjustable foot braces, and a supportive seat back.
  • The hull design provides excellent stability and tracking in both flat water and choppy conditions.
  • It is lightweight and easy to transport, making it perfect for day trips or weekend getaways.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced paddler, the Ocean Watercraft Malibu Two will provide you with an enjoyable experience on the water!

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Are you looking for a popular tandem boat to suit your needs?

Have you thought about trying one of the tandem options from Ocean Paddlecraft?

Is there really a difference between these two boats, or are they relatively the same thing?

When you’re in the market for a tandem watercraft, Ocean Boat is an excellent company to choose. This brand offers two different styles of the Malibu tandem paddlecraft, both of which have their own strengths and weaknesses to bring.

These are both very high-quality watercrafts that are sure to meet your needs, but there are some differences between the two that should be considered when making a decision.

In this article, we’ll show you in-depth product reviews for both of these boats so you can compare their features and see which one works best for you.

Take your time, look through the information below, and choose your favorite Malibu watercraft!

Option #1. Ocean Boat Malibu Two

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The [amazon link=”B00HPSHVH0″ title=”Ocean Paddlecraft Malibu Two” /] is a comfortable and classic tandem watercraft with two attached seats and plenty of legroom for both passengers. The boat is available in a green and white color gradient or a yellow and red color gradient, both with black accents. These colors make it sleek and fun in appearance at the same time. This paddlecraft comes in at 12 feet in length and weighs 57 pounds without any add-ons or other items, aside from the included seats.


  • This watercraft can easily be paddled solo, tandem, or as one person with a pet or small child on board, depending on your needs.
  • This is a sit-on-top style boat that is easy to mount and dismount, even for beginners or for children who are still learning how to use a paddlecraft.
  • The included seats can be adjusted to four different positions, and there are several footrests for different comfort needs, too.
  • This watercraft can support up to 425 pounds of weight between both passengers and any extra items that might be brought on board.

What We Liked

  • This boat is extremely user-friendly and great for beginners. It’s easy to mount and dismount, it’s light enough to carry and transport fairly easily, and it tracks beautifully when used in the calm waters it’s intended for. This is a convenient and simple product, and its ease of use is its starring feature.

What Could Be Improved

  • The downside of this paddlecraft is that there simply isn’t any storage included on the product. There is no hatch storage, no internal hull storage, and no bungee cord storage. Anyone who is looking to paddle tandem and bring along gear or accessories should probably stick to a different watercraft—and we feel that should be improved.


  • The boat drains easily and doesn’t hold water or make the passengers too wet while it’s in use.
  • The paddlecraft’s seating locations can be adjusted as needed to make it comfortable for everyone on board.
  • This is a very long-lasting and durable product.


  • In some instances, customers have re ported the carrying handles breaking more easily on this watercraft than any of its other parts.
  • The included seats may need to be replaced sooner than anything else on this boat.
  • Rarely, the boat may be prone to cracking around the scupper holes.

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Option #2. Ocean Paddlecraft Malibu XL

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The [amazon link=”B07Q2L1FHK” title=”Ocean Watercraft Malibu XL” /] is also a tandem-style boat with plenty of space for two individual paddlers. This choice features the same type of attached seats with padding and seatbacks as the Malibu Two. The paddlecraft comes in several colors: green and blue, green and white, green and black, blue and teal, and red and yellow. Each of these color combinations includes black accent pieces, so the overall aesthetic appeal is more or less the same as the Malibu Two. This is a thirteen-foot-long watercraft that weighs 61 pounds without any additional items aside from its seat attachments.


  • Just like the Malibu Two, this boat can be used as a solo boat as well as a tandem one, and it is safe for bringing along children or pets too.
  • This version of the paddlecraft includes paddle holders as well as carrying handles for transportation ease and convenience.
  • There is a small amount of bungee cord style storage on this watercraft, which is not present in the Malibu Two model, although there still is not any internal or hatch-style storage available.
  • The boat can hold up to 500 pounds of weight including both passengers and any other gear, accessories, or pets that might be along for the ride.

What We Liked

  • Our favorite feature of this paddlecraft is its overall stability. The watercraft stays firmly in place when it’s being mounted or dismounted, and it tracks well in the water, too. This isn’t a wobbly boat, and it’s easy for beginners to use when paddling tandem with someone else.

What Could Be Improved

  • With a few changes, this boat could easily be taken out into rougher waters than it is currently designed for. The paddlecraft is intended for calm water only, but we feel this offer would be improved greatly if it could be used in water that is a step up in terms of difficulty, too.


  • Despite still being limited in rough water, this watercraft can handle some chop, in comparison to the Malibu Two’s ability to only handle calm waters.
  • This boat is comfortable and easy for many customers to use over long stretches of time for touring and exploration.
  • This option is durable and built with high-quality materials that hold up well to use.


  • The seats on this paddlecraft move around too easily in some instances and may be uncomfortable because of this.
  • The watercraft is very large and heavy, so it can be tricky to transport and haul without some experience.
  • This offer may need replacement seating or cushions after some time.

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So what do you think? Which of these two paddlecrafts is best for you?

Both of these are good quality boats that work well and come from a brand name you can trust. Of course, this doesn’t make it any easier to pick one of them! If you’re still having some trouble deciding, here are our recommendations:

  • Choose the Malibu Two if you’re new to kayaking, new to tandem boating, or if you just want to explore leisurely without worrying too much about speed or rough waters. This paddlecraft is excellent for parents and children as well as for bringing a pet along, but it’s also perfect for two adults to share as well.
  • Choose the Malibu XL if you want something with a little more rugged nature behind it. This watercraft can handle somewhat choppy waters (but still not rough ones), and it can hold more weight as well. This choice includes a small amount of storage space for longer journeys, too.

In the end, the decision is yours. Only you know which boat will work for your needs as well as the needs of the person you’ll be riding with most often. Choose the boat with the features you like best and get ready to enjoy your time on the water, courtesy of the Ocean Paddlecraft Malibu line!

5 Essential Tips for Ocean Boating with the Malibu Two

  1. Always wear a life jacket when kayaking in the ocean. It is important to stay safe and be prepared for any situation.
  2. Be aware of the weather conditions before you go out. Check the forecast and make sure it is safe to boat in the ocean.
  3. Bring plenty of water and snacks with you on your trip. You don't want to get dehydrated or hungry while out on the water.
  4. Make sure you have all the necessary safety equipment, such as a whistle, flares, and a first aid kit.
  5. Be mindful of other boats and wildlife in the area. Respect their space and do not disturb them while boating.

ALSO: Consider taking a guided tour if you are new to ocean kayaking! This will help ensure that you have an enjoyable experience while staying safe.

Beneficial Information For Readers

If you want to enjoy the ocean in style, this model from Ocean Boat is a great choice. This paddlecraft is big enough for two people and stable enough to use for long days on the water. It's easy to move and store because it's small and light, and it will last for years because it's made of strong materials. You can be sure that you'll have a comfortable ride no matter how far you go because the seats are soft and the footrests can be moved. This Ocean Watercraft model also has an adjustable rudder system that makes it easy to get around obstacles or quickly change directions when you need to. This boat also comes with a lot of extras, like rod holders, cup holders, and storage spaces, so you can bring all your gear without worrying about losing it. Whether you want a relaxing paddle or an exciting trip out on the open sea, this model from Ocean Paddlecraft is sure to make every trip a good one.

Usage Ideas: What Are They Effective for?

There are three key ways to use these paddlecrafts. First, they are great for fun. The Malibu 2 is made to be stable and comfortable, so it's great for trips with friends or family that take their time. Second, they are good for fishing trips as well. You can bring a friend or family member with you because it can hold two people, and the built-in rod holders make it easy to keep your rods safe while you're on the water. Last but not least, these watercrafts can also be used for touring. It's great for long paddling trips where you need to bring supplies and gear because it has a lot of storage space and comfortable seats. With these features, the Malibu 2 is a great choice for anyone who wants a watercraft that can be used for a wide range of activities.

The Cons: What To Know

Even though ocean kayaking with two Malibu boats has numerous benefits, there are a few negatives to keep in mind. First, because of their length and breadth, they can be challenging to manage in turbulent conditions. Because of this, it may be challenging for novice paddlers to remain on course and negotiate waves. Second, they are big and heavy, making it challenging to move them from one location to another on your own. Fortunately, there are a few workable options that might lessen these drawbacks. For instance, purchasing a lightweight trailer or cart made especially for carrying paddlecrafts might make moving them much simpler. Additionally, new paddlers may improve their comfort level paddling their Malibu 2 boat via taking lessons from an expert instructor or joining a neighborhood paddling group.

By What Criteria Should They Be Evaluated?

In comparison to rival watercrafts, the Ocean Paddlecraft Malibu 2 boats are evaluated on their stability, speed, tracking, maneuverability, and storage capacity. The ability of the watercraft to handle rough water and waves without tipping over is an indication of its stability. Other characteristics to consider when evaluating a boat include its speed, tracking, maneuverability, and storage capacity. Tracking refers to how well the paddlecraft stays on course. Maneuvrability is determined by how easily it turns and responds to paddling. The Ocean Watercraft Malibu 2 paddlecrafts provide outstanding stability, high speed, trustworthy tracking, amazing maneuverability, and enough of storage space for a range of activities.

Overall Usage Experience: What You Need To Know

If you want to explore open water, the ocean boat Malibu 2 is a fantastic pick. It's made to be stable and comfortable, which makes it a good choice for both new and experienced kayakers. It tracks well and is easy to turn because of its wide hull, and its adjustable foot braces let you find the most comfortable way to sit. The Malibu 2 also has two built-in seats with padded backrests, two cup holders, and a storage hatch to keep your stuff safe and dry. This paddlecraft is easy to move from one place to another because it is small and light. With the ocean watercraft Malibu 2, you'll always have a good time, whether you're paddling on calm lakes or navigating rough seas.

In practice, follow these steps to use these watercrafts: To begin, make sure you have all of the appropriate safety equipment, such as life jackets and a whistle. Next, ensure that the boat is properly inflated and that all of its components are firmly fastened. Third, adjust the foot pegs and seat to your height. Fourth, practice in shallow water before venturing into deeper water. Fifth, utilize the rudder mechanism to assist you in steering your paddlecraft in the appropriate direction. Finally, have fun exploring the vast seas! With these basic procedures in mind, you may confidently utilize this sort of watercraft to explore any ocean or lake.

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