Old Town Tandem Kayak

Are you looking for a way to take your significant other or family on an outdoor adventure? Do you wish to enjoy the benefits of tandem kayaking because you're sick of feeling limited in a single watercraft? Old Town Tandems offer a fun and relaxing method for you and your loved ones to enjoy the sea. These kayaks make it simple to spend a day on the lake thanks to their lightweight construction, adjustable seats, and lots of storage capacity. Additionally, they have components like thigh padding and adjustable foot braces to offer the utmost comfort for both riders. With Old Town double kayaks, you can be confident that you'll enjoy and stay safe as you explore the wonders of nature. Read on to find out more about why Old Town is the ideal option if you're prepared to advance your outdoor experiences! .


Old Town tandem kayaks provide a great way to explore the outdoors with friends and family.

  • Tandem kayaks are designed for two people, allowing you to share the experience of paddling together.
  • Old Town's tandem kayaks are made from durable materials that can withstand years of use in any environment.
  • The lightweight design makes it easy to transport and store your tandem boat when not in use.

Experience the joy of paddling together with Old Town's tandem kayaks!

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Our Best Tandem Kayaks Recommendation: Old Town Twin Heron

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What is a tandem paddlecraft?

Does Old Town make good quality tandem kayaks?

Is an Old Town tandem watercraft the right choice for you?

Tandem kayaks are any type of boat that’s meant to be operated by two people at a time instead of just one. These kayaks are sometimes used for racing and competitive sports, but they can also be used for fishing, exploring, and recreation too.

Like all of its products, Old Town’s tandem kayaks are high-quality and made from durable materials. They’re built to last and are sure to keep you and a friend or family member out on the water for many years to come.

In this article, we’ll show you two of the best Old Town tandem kayaks. Take a look at both and consider the similarities and differences between these models.

Once you’ve compared these two kayaks, you’ll be able to figure out whether either one is right for you—and if so, which one meets your needs the best.

Read on to learn more!

Option #1. Old Town Twin Heron Angler Tandem Paddlecraft

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The [amazon link=”B07P6GX52G” title=”Old Town Twin Heron Angler Tandem Watercraft” /] is designed to be safe and easy to use whether you have another person along for the ride with you or not. The front seat can be easily removed if you prefer to use this as a solo boat, giving you lots of space for additional storage or for your favorite furry companion. This sleek paddlecraft has a more rounded appearance than some others from the Old Town line and comes in a yellow and orange gradient color with black accents. It’s a great solution for any recreational tandem kayaking needs.


  • This watercraft includes adjustable seats with cushions to help keep you sitting comfortably for as long as you like.
  • The boat is 13.5 feet long, making it a reasonable size for hauling and transportation especially if you have assistance from someone else.
  • Coming in at only 60 pounds, this is a very lightweight tandem paddlecraft that’s easy for an individual to carry and use without a second person if needed.
  • There are built-in paddle holders and cupholders for both passengers on this easy-to-use watercraft.
  • There is some deck bungee storage space available on the back of the watercraft.

What We Liked

  • We like how easy it is to convert this boat to a solo and back to a tandem once again. This paddlecraft is truly ready for just about anything you can throw at it, whether you plan to bring along another person, a dog, or just additional gear. The versatility of this offer is one of its strongest features.

What Could Be Improved

  • There’s not as much width on this watercraft as there is on some other models, which means passengers with bigger body types may not be as comfortable using it as they would be in other kayaks. For this reason, we feel the width could be increased a bit to make it easier for more passengers to enjoy the boat.


  • This option is a good choice for solo anglers who aren’t interested in angler-specific kayaks with more add-ons and features.
  • This paddlecraft can support up to 500 pounds of weight between both passengers and additional items.


  • This watercraft doesn’t have much storage at all, so when you’re using it with two people on board, you may have trouble finding room for additional gear or other items.
  • The boat may be difficult to drain in comparison to some other models on the market, which makes maintenance more of a challenge.

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Option #2. Old Town Looksha T Tandem Paddlecraft

When you’re looking for a touring watercraft that can keep you and a friend or family member out on the water for longer stretches of time and distance both, consider the Old Town Looksha T Tandem Boat. This is an updated version of an older Old Town model that remains just as popular as its predecessor was. This paddlecraft features two separate seating cockpits with plenty of storage space in between, and it comes in either a bright green-yellow or a stunning solid red. Made of a single layer of polyethylene, this is a lightweight watercraft that’s easy to steer and maneuver.


  • This is a spacious boat that comes in at just over eighteen feet in length.
  • The paddlecraft includes the same foot brace support as many other Old Town models, which helps keep it upright and afloat more easily, even for beginners.
  • The watercraft features a rudder with foot pedals for easy operation.
  • This offer is fitted with cushioned seats and thigh cushions as well, so you never have to worry about being uncomfortable or chafing your skin while you’re spending time out on the water.
  • This choice can support up to 625 pounds of weight including both passengers and additional items.

What We Liked

  • We like the ample space provided in both cockpits for both passengers. Both cockpits are the same size, which means neither paddler has to give up leg room for the comfort of the other. This makes it easier for both to paddle for longer periods of time and cover more distance when exploring, too.

What Could Be Improved

  • There isn’t much storage on this boat other than the on-deck bungee storage, and we feel it would be improved with a few more storage compartments. Since this paddlecraft is intended for longer trips, it would be more convenient to be able to bring along more items.


  • This option is an extremely stable watercraft that offers a lot of durability and ease of use for beginners as well as experienced paddlers.
  • Many customers report being able to paddle this boat in tandem without having to be completely in sync with the other passenger, which is better for beginners.


  • This offer is a very heavy paddlecraft, coming in at 96 pounds, and a single person can’t easily lift or move it without help.
  • The watercraft is wide and therefore must be used with longer paddles than the traditional, which means you may need to buy new paddles for it.

Try Old Town Twin Heron Tandem Kayaks Today

There are several similarities between both of these tandem kayaks, but there are some differences, too. Figuring out which one suits your needs the best may take some planning and consideration, but it’s a crucial step toward bringing home the right boat the first time.

But why would you even want a tandem paddlecraft? Here are a few situations in which you may want to try one of these boats:

  • If you like to watercraft with a friend or family member, tandem is the way to go.
  • If you’re trying to teach someone else to boat, including a child or teen, you can use a tandem paddlecraft to do this.
  • If you’re very experienced at paddling, you may be able to steer a tandem watercraft on your own and use the additional space for storage or for a pet.

Tandem boating doesn’t have to be limited to just two adults, although this is a great way to enjoy this type of activity too. There are many ways you can enjoy the use of a tandem boat, so bring one home today!

5 Tips for Enjoying Tandem Paddlecraft From Old Towns

  1. Choose a tandem watercraft that fits your needs. Consider the size, weight capacity, and features of the boat before making a purchase.
  2. Make sure to wear a life jacket when boating. It is important to stay safe while out on the water.
  3. Bring along snacks and drinks for your trip. This will help keep you energized and hydrated throughout your journey.
  4. Be aware of your surroundings. Pay attention to any potential hazards or obstacles in the water.
  5. Have fun! Enjoy the experience of paddling with a partner in an tandem boat.

ALSO: Bring along a waterproof camera to capture all of your memories from your double boating adventure!

Additional Useful Information For Readers

These paddlecraft boats are a wonderful method for you and a friend or family member to explore the outdoors. Because of its comfort and stability, you may enjoy your time on the water without being concerned that you'll fall over. Two seats allow you to share the paddling experience and alternate steering while taking in the scenery. For a day spent on a lake or river, you may carry along snacks, drinks, and other stuff with the help of these convenient kayaks, which also have plenty of storage room for all your belongings. Additionally, they are lightweight and simple to move from one place to another. These watercraft boats are a great option whether you're searching for an adventure with a particular someone or just want to spend some time on the water with pals!

Usage Ideas: What Are They Effective for?

There are three main uses for these kayaks. First, they are excellent for leisure use. With two seats, you may go on paddling adventures with a friend or family member. This facilitates exploring greater bodies of water and permits more interaction among boaters. Additionally, they are fantastic for fishing excursions. The second seat's extra room gives you the freedom to bring along all the equipment and tackle need for a productive day of fishing. And finally, these kayaks are ideal for instructing beginners in paddling. In a boat with two persons, one person can concentrate on instructing while the other offers support and stability as needed. These characteristics make these paddle kayaks a great option for anyone wishing to go boating with friends or family.

The Cons: What To Know

Despite the many advantages of these practical kayaks, there are a few disadvantages to think about. First, because of their height and weight, they might be challenging to maneuver in small areas. Two persons may find it difficult to maneuver past obstacles or through narrow rivers as a result. Second, because they have two sets of paddles and other parts that need routine cleaning and lubricating, they require more care than single-person kayaks. Fortunately, there are strategies to lessen these drawbacks. A lightweight model with an adjustable seat, for instance, will make it simpler for two people to paddle together without compromising stability or speed. Your tandem watercraft will last longer if you routinely check the condition of the paddles and apply a spray-on protectant to the hull.

What Guidelines Should Be Used To Evaluate Them?

These practical kayaks are rated and evaluated based on their simplicity of use, weight capacity, maneuverability, speed, and stability. How effectively the boat handles rough waters and strong currents is how stable it is. How swiftly and easily the paddlecraft can turn in different directions is what defines maneuvrability. The boat's ability to traverse the water quickly serves as a measure of speed. How much weight it can safely support without degrading its performance is how weight capacity is measured. How much gear it can contain while still remaining balanced and buoyant is how storage capacity is measured. The final factor in determining ease of use is how simple it is to operate the watercraft and how simple it is to get in and out of it.

Basic User Experience: What You Should Know

With a buddy or member of your family, experience the outdoors in one of these practical kayaks. Because of its comfort and stability, you may enjoy your time on the water without being concerned that you'll fall over. Due to the fact that both paddlers can work together to move the boat forward, the tandem design also allows for more effective paddling. Tandem kayaks from Old Town are available in a range of sizes and designs, so you can pick one that is ideal for your requirements. Additionally, they are built to last for many years of use thanks to the use of strong materials like polyethylene and royalex. An ancient tandem boat may provide many years of enjoyment on the water with the right upkeep and care.

The basic guidelines for using various types of kayaks are as follows: First, make sure you have all the appropriate safety gear, including paddles and life jackets. Next, make sure the paddlecraft is correctly inflated and that each of its components is fastened securely. Third, change the seating arrangements such that both persons can fit in the paddlecraft without difficulty. Fourth, practice team paddling to become familiar with how it works. Fifth, make sure you have a map or GPS gadget with you if you're traveling on open ocean. Finally, have fun while you're out on the water! By following these easy instructions, you can use an antique tandem watercraft to explore new areas and have a good time with friends or family.

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