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Pescador Pro 12.0

Have you ever wondered what a fishing kayak really is?

Or do you want to know how it might differ from a regular kayak?

Are you looking for a fishing kayak for yourself or your family?

A fishing kayak is, more or less, just what it sounds like: a kayak that is optimized for fishing. But if you’re new to the world of kayaking, you may not be aware of just how many differences there are between different styles of kayaks. Here are some of the features you may see in a fishing kayak:

  • Fishing kayaks often have built-in rod holders. These are usually in the form of a plastic clip or ring, but they may come in other styles as well.
  • These kayaks usually have easier mounting capabilities to make hauling them on your vehicle a quicker and smoother process.
  • Fishing kayaks usually come with plenty of storage space for gear, tackle, and other must-have items you’re likely to bring along for a full day of fishing. In the same vein, these kayaks usually have a higher weight limit to support passenger and gear both.
  • Some fishing kayaks may have a rudder, but not always.
  • Fishing kayaks, in some rare instances, have pontoon attachments. This is a lot more common in fishing canoes, however, but can be seen every now and then in kayaks.
  • Kayaks meant for fishing are usually a little bit lighter and easier to handle in the water than some other types of kayaks, but not as smooth and efficient overall as those meant for handling rough or choppy waters.

Now that you’ve learned a little more about what you’ll be looking at, it’s time to check out some of the fishing kayak options you have to choose from. Read on to find the perfect Perception fishing kayak for your needs.

Option #1. Perception Sound 10.5 Sit Inside Kayak

Perception Sound 10.5 | Sit Inside Kayak for Fishing and Fun |...

The Perception Sound 10.5 Sit Inside Kayak  is a colorful and exciting kayak that’s sure to turn heads and earn some attention everywhere you go. This offer comes in well under budget for many customers and is an ideal first kayak for those learning how to paddle from sitting inside instead of on top of the boat. This kayak features a three-layer hull with smooth and easy steering as well as a sturdy build that holds up well to its intended use in calmer waters. When you’re looking for a starter kayak to get you out and exploring on the water, you can’t go wrong with this choice.


  • The kayak comes in five different bold and vibrant colors that are sure to suit any paddler’s preferences.
  • The kayak features an ergonomic seat design with an adjustable backrest as well as adjustable footrests so any body type or size can enjoy kayaking comfortably.


  • This kayak doesn’t move very quickly in the water, and since it’s made for slow and calm waters, it may not be ideal for every type of kayaking situation.
  • Newer models of this kayak may not come with the paddle holder included, although older models will come with this feature built in.

Option #2. Perception Pescador Pro 12 Sit on Top Fishing Kayak

Perception Pescador Pro 12 | Sit on Top Fishing Kayak with...

Available in six different unique color gradient choices, the Perception Pescador Pro 12 Sit on Top Fishing Kayak  is perfect for anyone just getting started in the world of fishing from a kayak. This kayak comes with all the features you need to enjoy your time on the water, and it’s not overly complicated, making it perfect for beginners. Of course, advanced paddlers can enjoy using this durable boat too, and its long-lasting construction and comfortable design is sure to please anyone who might use it, no matter how much experience they’ve had with fishing kayaks in the past.


  • This kayak includes an ergonomic and breathable mesh seat with adjustable options.
  • The kayak has lots of built-in storage in the front and rear for convenience on the go.


  • The seat may need to be replaced sooner than anything else on the kayak, as it wears out quickly.
  • This choice may arrive missing some pieces rarely.

Option #3. Perception Pescador Pilot 12 Sit on Top Fishing Kayak

perception Pescador Pilot 12 | Sit on Top Fishing Kayak with...

Choose the Perception Pescador Pilot 12 Sit on Top Fishing Kayak  for a slightly larger and different take on the Pro 12. This kayak includes a pedal system that can be used optionally when you’re on the go, and it also features plenty of built-in storage just like the other version of this model. This option is available in the same six color options and is just as comfortable and efficient for beginners, with a few extra bells and whistles that may appeal to advanced kayakers as well.


  • This kayak comes with built-in rod holders as well as a fish finder console area.
  • The mesh seat is breathable and easy to adjust between a couple of different positions for maximum comfort on the water.


  • This offer is an extremely heavy kayak that may need to be moved with a cart rather than hauled by hand.
  • There is not as much dry storage available on this kayak as there is on the other, similar model from the same company.

Try Perception Kayaks For Fishing Today

Did you find a kayak that will suit you or your family’s needs? It may take a little while to find the perfect fishing kayak, and it’s important to make a list of features you’re looking for before you begin to help narrow down the choices. Many fishing kayaks have many different features, so if you want something specific, this can help you a lot in the long run.

But why should you go with Perception specifically? Is there really a big difference between Perception and other brands? Here are some of the features that make Perception kayaks stand out among their competitors:

  • One of the reasons customers flock to Perception to begin with is the flashy appearance and colorful design of most of their kayaks. These kayaks are very aesthetically pleasing and are sure to grab the attention of anyone, whether beginner or not.
  • These kayaks are made with kayakers in mind from start to finish. They are built from durable materials that hold up well to use but are still lightweight enough to transport, usually without the assistance of anyone else.
  • Most of the kayaks from this company are designed with ergonomic support to help protect your back, neck, knees, and shoulders. Not every model comes with ergonomic features, but most of them do.
  • There’s plenty of storage available on Perception kayaks, whether you’re choosing one of the fishing-specific models or not. If you’re looking for a kayak that doesn’t neglect storage capabilities, you can’t go wrong working with this brand.
  • Finally, these kayaks are affordable and feature competitive prices. They aren’t cheaply made, but they are easy to fit into most kayak purchasing budgets, and therefore they’re a good place for beginners to start.

In the end, you may find a kayak from another brand that works better for you—and that’s okay! Just keep in mind that it’s a god idea to consider Perception when you’re looking at all your shopping options. These are quality kayaks that continue to please customers and are sure to make a difference in your kayaking experience, too.

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