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Perception Bilge Pump for Kayaks - Expels Water From Your Boat
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Perception Bilge Pump for Kayaks - Expels Water From Your Boat
  • Keeps you dry and safe by removing unwanted water from your kayak
  • Expels water on both upward and downward strokes for maximum efficiency and less fatigue
  • Ribbed output nozzle for attachment of extension hose

Do you need some replacement Perception kayak accessories?

Why should you go with name brand, official items?

What are some issues you may find with third party accessories?

When buying replacement or add-on items for your kayak, it’s a good idea to always buy from the same brand as the kayak itself. This way, you can be sure this choice will fit as well as work according to safety guidelines for your specific boat.

When you buy from a third party, you risk an improper fit or an incorrect weight capacity for your kayak items. You may also risk aesthetic mismatching, which can be annoying to some customers.

Read on to find some of the best and most important Perception brand kayak accessories on the market.

Option #1. Perception Kayaks Sponge

Perception Kayak Sponge | Kayaking Water Absorbing Sponge |...

The Perception Kayaks Sponge  is a small, portable sponge you can keep within easy reach on any kayaking expedition. It’s a crucial item for times when you need to keep a few pieces of gear dry while you’re out on the water.


  • The sponge is resistant to mildew and mold.
  • The sponge includes a tether for easier storage and access.


  • The sponge may be a little pricey to some customers.
  • The sponge may be larger than expected.

Option #2. Perception Bilge Pump

Perception Bilge Pump for Kayaks - Expels Water From Your Boat

With the Perception Bilge Pump , you can remove water that gets into your kayak easily. This hand pump is simple to use and lightweight enough to bring along on the go just about anywhere.


  • The body of the pump is covered in foam, so it will float if need be.
  • This offer holds up well even to use in saltwater.


  • There is no discharge hose included.
  • This choice is long and may take up space because of this.

Option #3. Perception Deluxe Kayak Tie Down Straps

Perception Deluxe Kayak Tie Down Straps - 2 Pack (15')

Choose between nine feet, twelve feet, or fifteen feet when you pick up these Perception Deluxe Kayak Tie Down Straps . These straps are easy to use and click into place, making them sturdy and secure enough for long-term use.


  • These are UV-resistant straps that hold up well to the elements.
  • You can use these straps for up to 800 pounds of weight.


  • The buckle is made of plastic, which can potentially break in some rare instances.
  • The straps may be tricky to learn how to use the first time.

Option #4. Perception Kayaks Splash Fishing Rod Holders

Perception Kayaks Splash Fishing Rod Holders for Kayaks - One...

When you want to fish on your kayaking trip, bring along these Perception Kayaks Splash Fishing Rod Holders . These holders clip onto the additional Perception brand cooler or storage crate add-ons to help keep your fishing rods within quick and easy reach.


  • You can attach other fishing gear to these holders with the included D-rings.
  • The holders feature drain holes to prevent water buildup.


  • Rarely, the stitching may pull apart on these holders.
  • The plastic hooks may break over time.

Option #5. Perception Kayaks Splash Three Pocket Organizer

Perception Kayak Splash Three Pocket Organizer - for Kayaks,...

Use the Perception Kayaks Splash Three Pocket Organizer  to keep much-needed gear close at hand. You can attach this item to the Perception seat cooler or use it on its own to store snacks, tools, and other items.


  • This item attaches with simple plastic clips.
  • This option is made of mesh fabric that doesn’t hold water.


  • Some products may arrive with one big pocket instead of three separate pockets.
  • This offer may be too smaller for some customers.

Option #6. Perception Solo Mount Base

Perception Solo Mount Base for Ram Kayak Accessories – 1.5'

The Perception Solo Mount Base  is designed to allow you to use RAM accessories on your existing Perception kayak. Screw it into place and then pop the accessories onto the ball-style mount in just a few short minutes.


  • You do not have to drill any holes in your kayak to use this option.
  • This choice is easy to use and takes very little time to set up.


  • The mount only works with the Pescador, Sound, and Hi Life Perception kayaks.
  • This option may fall off easily when you hit a rough bump in the kayak.

Option #7. Perception Kayaks Anchor

Perception Kayak Anchor, One Size

When you need a durable anchor for your kayak, try the Perception Kayaks Anchor . This offer is made of galvanized metal and designed to fold out or fold down as needed for use and storage.


  • The anchor weighs only 3 pounds and won’t weigh down your kayak much.
  • This choice includes anchor line and a bag for storing it when not in use.


  • This option may not sink well into certain types of soil.
  • The anchor may rust over time.

Option #8. Perception Splash Seat Back Cooler

Perception Splash Seat Back Cooler - for Kayaks with lawn-chair...

If your kayak has a lawn chair seatback, you may want to pick up this Perception Splash Seat Back Cooler . This offer attaches to the back of the chair using bungee cord as well as additional connectors to ensure everything stays securely in place at all times.


  • This cooler has a zip-top for protecting your food as well as making it easy to reach from the seat of your kayak.
  • This choice is a waterproof and insulated cooler.


  • The seams are prone to tearing easily on this offer.
  • Some products may arrive missing parts and pieces.

Option #9. Perception Splash Kayak Crate

Perception Splash Kayak Crate

With the Perception Splash Kayak Crate , you can bring along your must-haves without worrying about getting them wet. Any kayak with an open storage area can make use of this durable, waterproof storage option. Fill it, make sure it’s tightly shut, and then tuck it out of the way until you need it on your kayaking adventure.


  • This option folds flat for storage.
  • You can use this choice with other Perception add-on attachments.


  • Over time, the seams may pull apart on this option.
  • The zipper may not hold up as well as the rest of the bag in some rare instances.

Option #10. Perception Splash Bow Bag

Perception Kayaks Splash Bow Bag - for Kayak Storage, Grey

Try the Perception Splash Bow Bag  when you’re looking for a storage option for your Perception Pilot or Perception Pro kayak. This bag tucks securely into bow storage and can also be used with other brands of kayaks in the same way. It’s got plenty of space for your essentials and is sure to make your trip more convenient.


  • This offer comes with D-rings to make it easier to secure it in place.
  • The zipper is water resistant and the bag itself is waterproof.


  • The seams on this offer may not hold up as well as the rest of the bag’s materials.
  • This bag may not fit well in your kayak if it’s overpacked.

Option #11. Perception Splash Tankwell Cooler

Perception Splash Tankwell Cooler - for Kayaks

With the Perception Splash Tankwell Cooler , you can store items in the open storage compartment of your sit-on-top kayak. This is an insulated cooler made of waterproof materials, and it’s sure to help you keep your important gear dry when you’re out on the water.


  • This choice helps reduce wind impact while still allowing you a place to store items on your kayak.
  • The bag includes straps and a carrying handle for convenience.


  • The zipper seam may be prone to tearing easily on this choice.
  • This option may not offer quite as much storage space as some other comparable items on the market.

Option #12. Perception Kayak Hi-Fi Life Jacket

Perception Kayaks Hi-Fi Kayaking Life Jacket | Easy Access...

Everyone using your kayak needs a well-fitting life jacket, and with the Perception Kayak Hi-Fi Life Jacket , you can make sure to supply these crucial items. This jacket is made for adults and is built of durable materials with plenty of reflective fabric for additional safety.


  • This jacket comes in sizes from small to 2XL so it can fit everyone securely.
  • The jacket is approved by the US Coast Guard for safety.


  • Some customers feel this jacket is a little too bulky and harder to move in than some others.
  • The vest may be hard to store in your kayak, although it is a requirement.

Option #13. Perception Large Kayak Cart

Perception Kayaks Large Kayak Cart with Foam Wheels - for use on...

The Perception Large Kayak Cart  is the perfect way to transport your kayak from your vehicle to the water’s edge and back again. This cart features foam tires with treads to make it easier to wheel the item across different types of terrain.


  • The cart can be used for boats of up to 165 pounds in overall weight, so it’s ideal for most Perception products.
  • The cart is made of durable metal that holds up to plenty of use.


  • Some customers feel the cart needed an additional strap for tying down boats securely.
  • This offer may not fold down very flat for storage.

Get the Best Perception Kayaks Accessories Today

With so many items to pick from, how can you know which ones to buy for your kayak? These three accessories are the most important must-haves from the list above:

  • Perception Kayak Hi-Fi Life Jacket
  • Perception Kayaks Anchor
  • Perception Bilge Pump

Of course, you may need to buy different items for your needs, so be sure to check out the list and make note of anything you’re looking for now or may want in the future!

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